Sunday, September 03, 2006

Receive the Word

God has spoken this day into existence like every other day, and He has called you into this place, where you are surrounded by those who have been created in His image to hear his Word spoken again. This is the same Word that was heard by all of creation when he spoke it into existence and called it good. This is the same Word that called down the rain from the heavens to flood the earth so that it may be destroyed and turned into something new and good. This is the same Word that called Abram out from the land of Ur of the Chaldeens that he may be given a new name, Abraham, a father of many nations, the father of the faithful. This Word was spoken and written down at the top of Mount Sinai so that the people of God may have a light to lead them in this dark and fallen world and that they may be a light for the nations. This is the same Word that brought the curses of the covenant upon that nation for not loving God, trusting God, and ultimately for not believing God’s Word to them: that he was their Father, a mighty warrior, a faithful husband who loved them with all of His heart, soul, strength and mind. This is the same Word which promised his people that he would send forth a king to crush their enemies, vindicate them over the beasts, and establish them as a kingdom which would last for an eternity. This Word was with God in the beginning, and this Word is God! This is the same Word at the beginning of time which went forth from the mouth of God declaring, “Let there be Light,” and darkness fled. This Word was spoken again after darkness had crept back into God’s glorious creation and the hearts of man, “Let there be Light”. This Word and Light is not some abstract principle of logic and reason, rather it is a person, the Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, who became flesh to live, die, and rise again for the salvation of the world. This is the very same Word which is spoken to you today to bring forth salvation and fresh blessings to your life, that you may be shaped by it and renewed. Jesus Christ is not waiting for you to figure him out and follow him. Today is the day of salvation, believe in him, submit to Him, and follow him today!

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