Friday, August 25, 2006

A Sum of our Moscow Story

Life is so raw, so organic, never ending up exactly how one would expect. Kind of like a great story or a great poem, or both. The story of our lives is authored by the Great Storyteller himself: for God alone could come up with the story of creation. Being himself the Creator, how could our lives be mundane-nothing-new-never-exciting-everything-happens-exactly-as-we-had- expected, kind of life? Oh I have to laugh, and cry, and rejoice and even sometimes curse. This story is exciting, frustrating, hysterical. It’s challenging, it’s beautiful, and it’s even ugly and messy. But this is even beautiful, for it brings a sinner like me before my Father’s throne, with adoration, trust, and humility.

KC and I started a new chapter of our story. If I could possibly title this chapter of our life in Moscow so far, I would call it something to the effect of “Trust and Tribulation.” We’ve had a number of unfortunate mishaps since moving. God has been so gracious through it, and has provided more than we need as he takes away and gives us something better: death and resurrection. Life is always better after resurrection. That’s the great part of all stories. The messy part that becomes beautiful, like the cross is the death that we must undergo. God, it seems, is continually showing the Rumreys what it means to die with Christ so that we may also, more gloriously, live with Christ. And this is why we have everything to look forward to as our story unfolds.

Although the story twists and turns and dips and jumps, we’re called to trust in the Storyteller, for in Him all things hold together, even those small details in our lives. Though small tribulations have visited our lives these past weeks, I’m thoroughly thrilled to be a part of a community where only 3 miles distances us from one end of town to the other, where you can’t go anywhere that you won’t have eyes from Christ’s Church watching you (what accountability), where the culmination of the week leads us into worshipping “THE TRIUNE GOD” as pastor Wilson proclaims weekly. I am thrilled to enter the local Christian-owned cafĂ© & pub house, sit down to some wonderful music, wine, and fellowship. There is so much to swallow, so much beauty, so much art, life, joy, community!

So, all this to say, we’re doing great. God has blessed us. We’re going to Calvary constantly, and God is lifting us once more from the death that we must undergo to live and move and have our being in the One True God.


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