Friday, October 20, 2006

Thoughts on the Church

Calvin - "The Communion of saints" is added...This clause though generally omitted by the ancients, ought not to be overlooked, for it very well expresses what the church is. It is as if one said that the saints are gathered into the society of Christ on the principle that whatever benefits God confers upon them, they in turn should share with one another...a community is affirmed, in which the heart and soul of the multitude of believers are one...if truly convinced that God is the common Father of all and Christ the common Head, being united in brotherly love, they cannot but share their benefits with one another.

Dr. Leithart - Christ's body and His Spirit are "public goods", the "common property" of every member. This basic level of koinonia in the Son and Spirit takes various visible forms in the life of the Church. Having a "share" in the Spirit, each member is obligated to "share" whatever gifts he receives for the good of the body. What the Spirit gives is, as Augustine would say, only rightly possessed insofar as it is given away. Every gift is a seed, which produces a harvest only if sown.

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John said...

It is good to finaly find your blog, and I look forward to reading more. The pictures on here are delightful. But at the moment, I am anxious to know what you mean by "This clause though generally omitted by the ancients." Maybe I am asking in my ignorance, but when have the ancients ommitted it? Or are you talking before its creation? I know that clause is a key clause in the Orthodox Church's faith. But your thoughts on how it was/is ommitted would be greatly welcomed. I love you guys!